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Palmistry Service

Palmistry Service
Palmistry Service
Product Code : IPS-02
Product Description

We have been offering Palmistry Service for over a decade. It is both- Science and Art to tell the future from the zig zag lines of hands. It includes various hand features like Mounts, lines, marks on palms, shapes, colors and patterns. These help to identify the character, intelligence, fate, marriages and career.

Mount Of Mars:  It is situated between head line and at the beginning of heart line. It represents that a person would join army. He will be brave and courageous.

Mount of Moon: It is situated at base of palm just below the thumb looking like an half arch. It unfold beauty, imagination, emotions and awareness.

Mount of Mercury: Found to be at the base of little finger which signifies material prosperity and affluence. Apart, it tells about communication skill and ability to earn money and social responsibility.

Mount of Sun: Situated at the base of ring finger which represents self confidence, kindness and splendour.

Mount of Saturn: Mount of Saturn is situated at the bottom of middle finger which tells about philosophy, thoughts, hard work and truthfulness.

Mount of Venus: It is situated under the thumb and surrounded by age line. It describes liveliness, arts, and ability to reproduce.

Mount of Jupiter: Situated at the base of index finger which describes power, authority and leadership.

Life Line: This is situated between thumbs and index finger and goes to the end of wrist. It tells about vitality, general well being, life span, physical health and so on.

Line of Heart: It lies between Mount of Jupiter and and Mount of Saturn and goes till the end of palm under little finger.

Sun Line: It is also called the line of brilliance or the line of success.

 Head Line: This is a horizontal line which starts starts at the edge of palm between thumb and index and goes across the palm towards the end.

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